[l2h] non-integer calculations -- any way to do this?

Сергей Знаменский svz at latex.pereslavl.ru
Fri Apr 5 07:19:48 CEST 2019

Dear bmassing at cs.trinity.edu!

True TeX syntax is too complicated to be fully implemented 
in convertors like latex2html. Only the most sensitive features 
can be supported.

In order to recommend some approach the simple usage examples 
(TeX source fragment with desirable text/HTML results) are

Would You like to provide simple examples of what You'd like to get?  

Yours, Sergej

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> Sent: Thu, 4 Apr 2019 17:47:59 -0500
> Subject: [l2h] non-integer calculations -- any way to do this?
> I have a set of macros I originally wrote only for LaTeX that
> do some primitive calculations, calculating a runniing total
> using LaTeX's counter mechanism.  At some point I started using
> these macros with TeX source to be processed with latexh2ml.
> They seem to work fine, but now I'd like to revise the macros to
> support non-integer values for the running total.  It looks like
> there are many options for doing this in LaTeX, but no surprise,
> I'm not finding anything that latex2html can deal with properly.
> So:
> Can anyone think of a way to easily do this?  perhaps a
> latex2html-friendly LaTeX package??  (This seems unlikely,
> but might as well ask?)
> If that's not feasible, I'm thinking that if I get really
> determined I could try to tweak latex2html, but I can't figure
> out where to start!  Documentation says it provides some
> primitive support for plain-TeX commands such as \newdimen,
> but I'm sure not finding anyplace in the source that does that.  ?
> Or maybe there's some totally different approach I could use
> instead?  pre-processing the source, post-processing the result .... ?
> Suggestions appreciated!
> -- blm

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