[l2h] Some mathematical images in my case not fully processed by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 using both an old and a new .tex file

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Tue Jul 9 06:49:04 CEST 2013

Hello. In March of the year 2013 I upgraded or else performed a "clean" installation from an openSUSE-12.2 to openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system. Afterward I installed lots of texlive software packages and updates to software packages in the openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system. I then performed tests on a .tex file using the programs LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML. My notes of March 20, 2013 show that things regarding LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML worked okay in that test. Afterward I think I added one ? to each two lines of computer code in the file /usr/bin/latex2html, following Shigeharu Takeno's kindly provided advice at http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/latex2html/2008-December/003489.html on the Internet. On the same day after making those edits my notes indicate that in a test LaTeX2HTML produced good-looking mathematics. Checking those edits on July 8, 2013 it appeared that gratefully I made them correctly. One unusual thing is that unlike after previous installations of openSUSE and texlive software packages no line reading, except for the double quotation marks, " $DVIPSOPT= ' -Ppdf -E'; " was found in the file /usr/lib/latex2html/l2hconf.pm; so due to not finding such a line of code, it was not commented out, as I had done on one or more earlier occasions again following Shigeharu Takeno's kindly provided advice. I have updated the openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system, in which I have been using LaTeX2HTML 1.71, numerous times since March 20, 2013, most recently on July 7, 2013.

But on July 8, 2013, while running a "latex2html ......" command on a .tex file, I observed I think a new phenomenon for me (A "latex ....tex" command had already been executed by that time.). After seeing the message reading something like "processing 192 images," unlike what I had seen in the past when processing a new, .tex document, I did not see the image numbers appearing one per line in a terminal program as those images were being processed as the result of a "latex2html...." command being executed. Then afterward when attempting to view the .html document produced by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 I saw inline mathematical images within a paragraph of text displayed correctly. But following that success in the .html file unfortunately I saw some parts of equations appearing in each failed case as "Image" in my installation of the Konqueror Web browser (The problem was also observed in a Mozilla Firefox Web browser.). For example, in the test equation y=(1/2) x**2, with LaTeX code for it appearing as y=\frac{1}{2}x^2, x squared was displayed correctly in equation mode; but for the fraction of one-half instead the word "Image" appeared on what looked something like a software "button." Looking in the folder in which LaTeX2HTML produced the .html output file in one case many Portable Network Graphics (.png) files were there. In a different test case I tried to inspect a .png image file using the program GNU (GNU's Not Unix) Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and saw the word "Image," but otherwise did not see "1/2" or a portion of an equation. So apparently such images were not completely produced by LaTeX2HTML for a very general reason I later hypothesize here. Unfortunately this "Image" problem occurred when processing both an old and a new .tex file using probably the combination of the programs LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML. On the other hand, when the DeVice-Independent (.dvi) output file produced by LaTeX was viewed in the program Okular, the sampled equations looked good.

In summary, this matter appears complicated because of the many software packages installed in my Linux operating system. But I think I used LaTeX2HTML version 1.71 even before my installation of the openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system and do not recall ever seeing this exact problem before July 8, 2013. And shortly after the installation of openSUSE 12.3 and some "texlive" software packages and making some updates to software packages within the openSUSE-12.3 system, the programs LaTeX and LaTeX2THML worked okay. My subsequent edits of two lines of code in the file /usr/bin/latex2hml gratefully appear to have been properly made. So a simple hypothesis is that the "Image" problem might have been caused by one or more of the many updates to software packages in openSUSE 12.3 that I have made through Yet Another Software Tool 2 (YaST2) since March 20, 2013. I do have a file called images.log in the .html file's output directory that contains about 349 lines for a test case. Perhaps there could be a clue to the problem within that file. I request that someone please either make a good guess for me of the cause and solution to this problem or else provide for me a diagnostic means by which I could hopefully determine the cause of this problem, such as to look for a certain kind of clue in the file images.log. 

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