[l2h] pstoimg error

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 23:41:12 CET 2011

Rhen Roca wrote:
> I am using ps.map in GRASS. I used the command pstoimg to convert my
> generated .ps file to .png but there is an error.
> Here is my .ps file:
> # convert to PNG
> pstoimg -multi -out bar -type gif -crop a foo.ps
> This is what is displayed in GRASS every time I run the script:
> "ERROR: pstoimg : illegal request"


as it happens I am the code maintainer for ps.map, and the error comes
from there.

pstoimg is not a ps.map instruction, it needs to be run at the shell.

You've passed it before the "end" command, so in the ps.map instruction

Also, -multi is probably not needed here. (unless you used the copies=
ps.map command line option)



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