[l2h] Black bars under integral signs when thelimitsof integration are -\infty and +\infty or analgebraicfraction for each of the upper and lower limits

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Fri Apr 15 06:55:22 CEST 2011

On 4/14/2011 9:42 PM, Pat Somerville wrote:
> But I have been wondering if our
> versions of Netpbm could have been different and have been responsible for
> our different results; in particular the version of pnmcrop and the
> parameters used with it could be very important in the outcome regarding
> removing the unwanted black line segment.  My version of Netpbm has been
> 10.35.74.  There may be other ways, Nasser, in which you may learn what your
> version of Netpbm and/or pnmcrop is/are in your Ubuntu Linux operating
> system.  For example, try typing the command "pnmcrop -v" or
> "pnmcrop -version."

Here it is:

pnmcrop -version
pnmcrop: Using libpbm from Netpbm Version: Netpbm 10.0
pnmcrop: BSD defined
pnmcrop: RGB_ENV='RGBDEF'
pnmcrop: RGBENV= 'RGBDEF' (env vbl is unset)


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