[l2h] Black bars under integral signs when thelimitsof integration are -\infty and +\infty or analgebraicfraction for each of the upper and lower limits

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Thu Apr 14 05:08:01 CEST 2011

Hello Pat,

On 14/04/2011, at 12:10 PM, Pat Somerville wrote:

> Thanks, Nasser M. Abbasi, for kindly making the test of \int\limits _{-\infty}^{+\infty} on your computer and for providing some information about the software on your computer, including how you run pdflatex and LaTeX2HTML.  

> But unfortunately on my computer I could not get rid of the unwanted black line segment under the integral sign and its limits of integration.

Have you been using the  -noreuse  option, to ensure that
the same images are not being reused as you test different things
within the same working directory?
Of course there are other ways to force the issue, such as deleting
the graphics, or the  images.pl  file, before each fresh run.

Also, you should use the -debug  option, so that you can follow more
closely exactly what happens on any run of  latex2html .
Furthermore, the intermediate files will be preserved, so that you
can see exactly where some part of the processing does not produce
what it should have done, or otherwise deviates from the expected path.

> It appears that you and I have recently been using the same version of the TeX Live "Base," namely including version 3.1415926 of 2009 of TeX Live. However, you have been using ../TeX/Base in a Debian system called Ubuntu, whereas I have been using it in an RPM- (RedHat Package Manager-) based system called OpenSUSE 11.3.  For the moment I am going to assume that the Debian-RPM difference by itself is unimportant with regard to the unwanted black line segments.  It is nice that you have a working situation for \int\limits _{-\infty} ^{+\infty}.  So, if you don't mind, I would like to sort of probe it in order to see where my trouble might be.  Of interest to me are your versions of LaTeX2HTML, which is part of /TeX/Utilities and Netpbm, which I think may include the program pnmcrop, which I think is very important in cropping images.  So please report your installed versions of those software packages to me.  I saw that on your computer the command "latex2html -v" unfortunately I think did not result in a display of the version of LaTeX2HTML you are using.  So if you don't already know them, please note your versions of latex2html and dvips or dvips(k) by looking at the latex2html output after inputting a latex2html... command.   Also please type "netpbm -version" and "perl -v" and report your respective installed versions of Netpbm and Perl to me.  Thanks.
> Pat

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