[l2h] TMP strikes again! TMP folder blues with latex2html on windows

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon Apr 12 01:24:32 CEST 2010

On 12/04/2010, at 5:12 AM, Nasser M. Abbasi wrote:

> I get this error when I run latex2html on a tex file:
> "Error: Cannot read 'img62.png': No such file or directory
> Converting image #33
> pstoimg.bat: Error: Ghostscript returned error status 16777215
> pstoimg.bat: Error: Couldn't find pnm output of G:\LATEX\TMP\l2h288 
> \image033.ps"
> I never seen error 16777215. I've seen this error below before. It  
> seems to be coming from pnmcrop.exe, please see error messages  
> below. It seems to be looking for files with names such as p2668.t01

No; the error is occurring whilst failing to create  p2668.t01  ...

> in the TMP folder where images are processed. But when I look in  
> the TMP folder, I see no such files, but ones extensions .t00 (next  
> to .pnm and .ps files).

> =============== screen log ==========
> $latex2html -debug -verbosity 8 -split 0  -no_reuse - 
> show_section_numbers EE_409_HW7.tex

> pstoimg.bat: Running \LATEX\gsAFLP\gs8.54\bin\gswin32c.exe  - 
> sDEVICE=ppmraw -g675x68  -r115 -dTextAlphaBits=4  -sOutputFile=G: 
> \LATEX\TMP\l2h2
> 228\p2668.pnm
> GS>-57 -679 translate
> GS>(G:/LATEX/TMP/l2h2228/image032.ps) run
> GS>showpage
> GS>quit
> AFPL Ghostscript 8.54 (2006-05-17)
> Copyright (C) 2005 artofcode LLC, Benicia, CA.  All rights reserved.
> This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
> GS>GS>>>showpage, press <return> to continue<<
> GS>>>showpage, press <return> to continue<<
> GS>

  Ghostscript finished fine here, supposedly creating  p2668.pnm .
Having used -debug  you should be able to look at this image
in some graphics programs. If not, then try to find the
correct page in  images.ps , using GSview say.

It would be better if there were an extra \n (<return> character)
in the output log, at this point.

> Running "G:\LATEX\GnuWin32\bin\pnmcrop.exe -verbose   < G:\LATEX\TMP 
> \l2h2228\p2668.pnm > G:\LATEX\TMP\l2h2228\p2668.t01"
> pstoimg.bat: Error: "G:\LATEX\GnuWin32\bin\pnmcrop.exe -verbose   <  
> G:\LATEX\TMP\l2h2228\p2668.pnm > G:\LATEX\TMP\l2h2228\p2668.t01"  
> failed:
> No such file or directory

This kind of failure occurs when the .pnm  image has been
cropped away completely, leaving nothing behind.

Look at the .pnm file.
Do you see any of the contents that you expected to be there?
Or is it a completely blank page?
  --- if blank, then that certainly explains the error.

Are there other images in the same document, occurring after
this one? Do they have the correct content?
If not, then maybe you have an oversized image, causing
an extra page in the LaTeX run on images.tex.
This will cause images to get out of synch. and the extra
blank page (not the final page) will cause at least one
on the image-generation steps to fail, as you seem to have here.

> Error while converting image
> *** Warning:
> Failed to convert image G:\LATEX\TMP\l2h2228\image032.ps
> extracted tex2html_wrap_indisplay453 as 32
> embedding img32.png for tex2html_wrap_indisplay453, with ALT="$ 
> \displaystyle =\left( \frac{1}{s+1}-\frac{1}{s+2}\right) +\left 
> ( \frac{1}{2}<t
> e...
> ...>45 \frac{e^{-s}}{s}-\frac{e^{-s}}{s+1}+\frac{1}{2}\frac{e^{-s}} 
> {s+2}\right) %
> $"

This looks like a very long line of input for inline-math.
So long, in fact, that part of it has been removed
for creating the ALT tag.
It can certainly lead to a too-large image --- too wide.

But more than this, the place where the cut occurs:
     <te... ...>45
looks like the remnant of a LaTeX2HTML internal tag that
has not been replaced during the processing.
So something has going quite wrong with the LaTeX content.

To find out what, simply manually run LaTeX on  images.tex
and have a look at the images. Or use GSview  with the
images.ps  file that you should already have.
The fact that there is a problem will just jump out at you.

How to fix it? That's a different matter.
But once having found where it occurs, the kind of rewrite
to your source should be reasonably easy to find.

> Error: Cannot read 'img32.png': No such file or directory
> *** image done ***
> ======= end of screen log =======
> I'll keep looking, but if someone have seens this error message,  
> and have a clue, please let me know.
> Thanks!
> --Nasser

Hope this helps,


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