[l2h] TMP strikes again! TMP folder blues with latex2html on windows

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Apr 11 06:28:17 CEST 2010


My PC crashed. But my data is on a good disk. So, no problem, I rebooted my 
laptop, connected the USB disk where I have all my l2h installation, and 
added the needed environment variables again, and reinstalled MikTex. Now I 
am ready to reuse l2h I thought.  The laptop is XP SP2 (home edition), but 
the desktop is XP SP2, pro edition.

Even thought I think I got the same exact env. on the laptop (same Drive 
letter, same environment variables), I keep getting this error below when I 
try to run latex2html on a tex file. The problem seems to be that l2h is 
looking at TMP somewhere else from where I defined it to be in the 
configuration file. Here is the error:

"Note: Working directory is
Note: Images will be generated in G:\LATEX\TMP\l2h664

texexpand V2008 (Revision 1.12)

Loading G:\LATEX\latex2html\styles\texdefs.perl...
Error: Cannot read 'TMP\styles': No such file or directory

Reading ...
Error: Cannot read 'TMP\EE_409_HW7': No such file or directory
        1 file(s) copied.

I have defined TMP to be G:\LATEX\TMP, but notice that later on, it says 
Cannot read 'TMP\styles'

I was actually following my own document on how to configure l2h on windows 
using Miktex, and it seems than I am overlooking some configuration part. 

I also removed from the environment variables (for User and System) any 
reference to an environment variable called TMP or TEMP.

Below is copy of all the configuration parameters I have in my l2hconf.pm 
that I added:

$PERL = 'G:\LATEX\perl\bin\perl.exe';
$LATEX = 'G:\\LATEX\\MiKTeX2.8\\miktex\\bin\\latex.exe'; # LaTeX
$DVIPS = 'G:\\LATEX\\MiKTeX2.8\\miktex\\bin\\dvips.exe'; # dvips
$TEX = "G:\\LATEX\\MiKTeX2.8\\miktex\\bin\\tex.exe"; # TeX
$INILATEX = "G:\\LATEX\\MiKTeX2.8\\miktex\\bin\\initex.exe \"&latex\""; # 
$TMP = 'G:\\LATEX\\TMP';

I also have the correct env. Variable for RGBDEF and GS_LIB to point to 
correct locations.

I'd like to find a solution to this, as I'd like to update my document above 
also to make sure it is correct.

I've googled around, and I've couple of places talking about similar 
problem, but that did not help me. I really like to know why l2h is looking 
at 'TMP" not where it is defined on l2hconf.pm?

I did also reconfigured l2h again on the laptop and ran the test.bat, all 
ok, no errors there, and did install.bat again to the same location above, 
but the TMP error is still there.

Thanks for any ideas.


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