[l2h] Sections and labels

Finn Aarup Nielsen fn at imm.dtu.dk
Thu Feb 12 10:01:19 CET 2009

Hi Ross and Mercado,

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009, Ross Moore wrote:

> Hi Mercado,
> On 12/02/2009, at 12:46 PM, mercado wrote:
>> I am creating a document using LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML, and I am unsure
>> how to use the \section command and the \label command together.
>> If I use the \label command before the \section command, then my link
>> doesn't go to the right page.  If I use the \section command before
>> the \label command, then I get strange markup with a <br /> tag within
>> the <h1> tag:
> Try putting the \label "inside" the section command;
> viz.
>   \section{whatever section\label{Page-C}}
> or immediately after, on the same line (no break at all):
>   \section{whatever section}\label{Page-D}
> At least one of these should work for you.

Did you actually try these? I have tried them with "2002-2-1 (1.71)" and 
get - as in Mercado's version - the <BR> inserted.

best regards


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