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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Nov 22 22:20:57 CET 2006

Hello Algis,

On 22/11/2006, at 9:35 PM, Algis Kabaila wrote:

> Hello Ross, Shigeru List Friends, Francis and Lex,
> I take the liberty to copy the input source of my experimentation  
> with LaTeX
> and latex2html.
> \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article}
> \usepackage{amsmath}

It's good to see that you are using the  amsmath  package now.
IMHO, for any serious mathematics, this is an absolute *must*.

However, with LaTeX2HTML, there is a need to support many different
levels of mathematical input.
Please get hold of a copy of The LaTeX Web Companion.
In Chapter 4, the issues regarding presentation of mathematics,
and how they are dealt with by LaTeX2HTML, are discussed in some

There is no point in any further discussion on the topic, without
this material being an agreed basis.
I have added a few further comments below.

> \begin{document}
> \noindent I need to state my objectives in formatting the  
> manuscript I am
> working on.  I want the manuscript to be available in two formats for
> different classes of users: html and pdf.  Plain LaTeX produces   
> dvi files
> which when displayed on the CRT are almost identical to PDFLaTeX  
> compilation
> display.  LaTeX2html has finer tuning of LaTeX source and produces  
> somewhat
> different appearance.
> \noindent I was under a mis-understanding and had assumed that the  
> objective
> of latex2html was to produce output of as close as possible  
> appearance to
> LaTeX. I assume that the aims of latex2html are more ambitious, as  
> mentioned
> already.

It is not the intention of LaTeX2HTML to reproduce what you get in a PDF
document.  That would be quite silly -- just use pdfTeX instead, if this
is what you want.

The purpose of HTML is to present information so that it is easily  
it is not a high-quality page-layout format.
(However, if you want your displayed equations to appear that way,  
you can
always force LaTeX2HTML to generate an image, and include that instead
of a <TABLE> with aligned cells.)

Thus LaTeX2HTML is about presenting the mathematical meaning in as  
convenient and effective way possible, subject to the (very rough)  
capabilities provided by the HTML format.

> \noindent On this page I will display a few formats of formulae  
> which satisfy
> my needs. For my needs, I am willing to accept less than perfect  
> formatting
> if it helps similarity of the two (pdf and html) presentations.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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