[l2h] Input source

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Wed Nov 22 11:35:29 CET 2006

Hello Ross, Shigeru List Friends, Francis and Lex,

I take the liberty to copy the input source of my experimentation with LaTeX 
and latex2html.


\noindent I need to state my objectives in formatting the manuscript I am 
working on.  I want the manuscript to be available in two formats for 
different classes of users: html and pdf.  Plain LaTeX produces  dvi files 
which when displayed on the CRT are almost identical to PDFLaTeX compilation 
display.  LaTeX2html has finer tuning of LaTeX source and produces somewhat 
different appearance.

\noindent I was under a mis-understanding and had assumed that the objective 
of latex2html was to produce output of as close as possible appearance to 
LaTeX. I assume that the aims of latex2html are more ambitious, as mentioned 

\noindent On this page I will display a few formats of formulae which satisfy 
my needs. For my needs, I am willing to accept less than perfect formatting 
if it helps similarity of the two (pdf and html) presentations.

\noindent First, a 'run of the mill' formula format that is most common.

P_1 = \alpha \cdot P_3^2 - P_4

\noindent IMHO, other, more complex formulae should approximate this most 
frequently occurring format.  Here is another example of a simple formula.
\bar P_{1} = - \bar P_{4} 

\noindent And now a group of equations side by side.  Please notice that the 
'align' command looks very different in html and pdf, so with regret I will 
not use the align command in this manuscript.  For groups of equations the 
'gather' command gives reasonably similar results in both html and pdf.

\bar P_{1} = - \bar P_{4} \\
\bar P_{2} = - \bar P_{5}

\noindent In some cases 'gather' command requires special and laborious 
padding.  Here is one example, first without and then with padding.

\bar P_{1} = - \bar P_{4} \\
\bar P_{2} = - \bar P_{5} + 555.7 \cdot \alpha

\noindent And now with padding.

\bar P_{1} = - \bar P_{4} \phantom{+ 555..7 \cdot \alpha} \\
\bar P_{2} = - \bar P_{5} + 555.7 \cdot \alpha


Unfortunately, I did not succeed to achieve any consistency between the pdf 
and html formats with 'align' command.  I again apologise for including 
graphics attachments to the mailing list - attached are jpg images of the 
above document, both when pdf formatted and when html formatted.

All comments, suggestions and criticism, as always, will be gratefully 
received - just bear with my slow response, which I do blame on my age.

With kind regards,

Algis Kabaila (Dr)
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