[l2h] Ignoring \paragraph

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Thu Nov 9 06:06:34 CET 2006

Hi All,

In mid April I asked a question on this newsgroup and promptly got an answer 
from Shigeharu TAKENO.  I never adequately thanked him so here is my big 
THANK YOU.  I also want to thank Ross More  for keeping this mailing list 
alive and for keeping a sharp eye on the l2h script.

Unfortunately, I don't do (or read) Perl and, being a fan of Python, I am not 
likely to learn Perl at this late hour in my life.  So my comprehension of 
l2h is very limited and I do need help - again.

I have a book manuscript in LaTex.  I am displaying it on my website 
(http://www.pcug.org.au/~akabaila) after translation to html by l2h script.  
(I use suse10.0 or 10.1 Linux and "Kile" as the LaTex client.  It does 
include latex2html script that is invoked by a menu item in "Kile").

Generally speaking, l2h translation does a magnificent job.  However, the 
separate page creation can be a problem.  In several places, I have very 
small examples in the text and have marked them as \paragraph for the 
statement of example AND for the solution.  l2h creates a separate page for 
each paragraph, so I end up with some pages that only have one or  two lines 
text.  So I would like latex2html "ignore" \paragraph moniker as far as page 
creation is concerned.

I had a look at the l2hconf.pm file (long and well commented), but can not 
find how to tell l2h to "ignore" \paragraph.

There is no way that I know to specify a small heading, other than paragraph.  
(\emph is really not suitable for that).  How can I stop the latex2html 
creating a separate page for each paragraph?  Is there an alternative way in 
LaTex markup to create headers for paragraphs that do not signal to 
latex2html to create a separate page?

Does anybody else have a similar experience or is it just my old ignorance of 
the tools that are on my desktop?

I would be most grateful to any suggestions and answers,

in sunny Canberra with fresh mornings and hot mid-days.
Algis Kabaila (Dr)

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