[l2h] latex2html and figure generation

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Fri May 26 12:24:55 CEST 2006

shige 05/26 2006

"Gianluca Moro" <giangiammy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can I include in latex directly png format figures?
> or can I tell latex2html to use the original png
> to produce the html pages?

For example, if you use


you can use your PNG image by


Latex2html can treat several image types by includegraphics of 
graphicx (graphics-support.perl):

 .gif, .jpg (or .jpeg), .png, .tiff, .pict, .pcx, .bmp, .sgi,
 .xbm, .xwd 

To use the feature, you must specify the appropriate extensions 
above. GIF and PNG images will use directly, and other images 
will convert to JPEG image by using Netpbm tools.

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