[l2h] Netpbm 1mar1994p1--reply to Aravind K. Babu also here being sent to other people

Lawrence Patrick Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 8 18:47:33 CET 2006

Hi.  In a search of the World-Wide Web for the combination "1mar1994p1" and 
"download" I couldn't find a relevant download link that still works for the 
1mar1994p1 version of Netpbm.  But the good news is that you should not have 
to have the 1mar1994p1 version of Netpbm in order to get things to work in 
the proper version of LaTeX2HTML.  Instead, to avoid potential problems, 
meet these two requirements: 1) Use the latest version of LaTeX2HTML you can 
find, which as far as I know is latex2html-2002-2-1, also denoted as version 
1.70, dated as last modified on October 25, 2004 (Look for it somewhere 
within http://www.latex2html.org/.).  2) Use a version of Netpbm software 
packages compatible with latex2html-2002-2-1.  For example, in a 
Fedora-Core-3-Linux operating system (FC3) I found Netbpm 10.28-1 to work 
okay; if I remember correctly, there are three such packages: 
netpbm-10.28-1...rpm (Install it first.), netpbm-progs-10.28-1...rpm, 
netpbm-devel-10.28-1....rpm, which can be located and downloaded from sites 
linked within http://rpm.pbone.net/.  Without having tried the version 
10.25-2 of Netpbm which comes with an FC3 distribution, I just guess that it 
might also work with latex2html-2002-2-1.

I have not downloaded and used a Netpbm package in a Windows operating 
system.  So I can only hope that the "win32" version of "Netpbm Gallery" 
might include the needed Netpbm packages.  Netpbm-Gallery software is 
downloable within 
by scrolling way down that Web page to the ''tools'' section and within that 
section clicking on the ''+'' beside ''netpbm-gallery....'' to expand the 
''tree'' under it, and then for a 32-bit, Windows operating system by 
selecting, ultimately for downloading, ''netpbm_gallery-...-win32,'' which 
on January 13, 2006 read exactly as ''netpbm_gallery-1.4-pl2-win32''; note 
that a similar package for 64-bit-hardware computers using Windows operating 
systems does not seem to be available there. I don't know exactly what 
software packages are included in that Netpbm-Gallery, software download. 
(Two possible ways to find out are to write to the administrator of 
or to ask the Windows users of LaTeX2HTML in the LaTeX2HTML e-mailing list 
if all of the Netpbm packages needed by LaTeX2HTML in Windows, including 
packages such as pnmtopng, zlib, and libpng, are included or not in the 
Netpbm Gallery of packages. Otherwise, one could download and install the 
Netpbm Gallery and see if anything is missing or not when trying to run 
LaTeX2HTML. This matter could be very simple, if all of these packages are 
included in Netpbm Gallery, or more complicated, if they are not included in 

I read at http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/apps/pnmtopng.html that newer 
versions of Netpbm include a version of pnmtopng which is needed to make 
(Portable Network Graphics) PNG images. Assuming that to be true, it might 
be that a current version of Netpbm might also include the zlib and libpng 
packages which pnmtopng needs. But if not, the zlib compression utility for 
any operating system was available at 
ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/Linux/libs/compression, on January 15, 2006 as 
zlib-1.0.4.tar.gz. And should it be necessary to obtain one, at least in 
late 2005 or early 2005 there was a version of libpng for Windows at 
http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/libpng.htm; after ''Complete 
packages, except sources'' click the hyperlink reading ''Setup; for 
installation instructions on the page 
http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/libpng.htm beside ''Installation 
and Usage'' click the hyperlink that reads ''General Installation 
Instructions.'' Without knowing this to be true, I just hope that the 
version of Netpbm in the latest version of Netpbm Gallery will be compatible 
with and meet the requirements for LaTeX2HTML 2002-2-1.  (Some of Web sites 
I quote might remain as they are in the respects I cite for quite awhile; 
but to allow for the possibility that they might change, I at least 
sometimes like to associate dates with my findings on the Internet.)


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