[l2h] character encoding not correctly detected by brwosers

Jean-Pierre Chretien Jean-Pierre.Chretien at cert.fr
Tue Feb 7 19:23:37 CET 2006

>>>>For me it is quite strange that a browser chooses to use the encoding
>>>>defined by the server and ignore the encoding defined by the HTML !?!
>>>>I'm not an internet expert... do you have any comments on this... for me
>>>>to understand ?!!!!
>>IMHO it's a browser bug, as the browser options or menus offer no way to toggle
>>the behaviour permamently.

I took a look on the firefox bugzilla, and this behaviour is reported as normal
as the pages must be in accordance with the server settings: when there is a disagreement,
firefox chooses the server setting as it can't decide which is correct.

After thinking it over, that makes sense: it means that the webmaster must instruct author
to write page in the encoding set by the server.

I guess that if no encoding is server set, the page takes precedence.


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