[l2h] image size and resolution when converting

Søren O'Neill soren.oneill at mail.dk
Tue Feb 7 11:14:45 CET 2006

Hi there,
I've created a rather lengthy document (350+ pages) using LyX and want to 
convert it to HTML

Exporting to tex and using latex2html causes a few errors, but produces a 
working result.

For a number of reasons, all tables are actually png images included in table 
floats and latex2html complained about imgae boundries. Thus I converted all 
images to .eps and this works, except latex2html converts the images back to 
png again in a smaller size/lesser resolution. 

Is there a way I can tell latex2html not to do this? A way in which to define 
the size and resolution of the resulting png files? If so, do I have to add 
a /htmlimage tag to every single image in the latex document or is there a 
cli flag I can pass to latex2html?
Med venlig hilsen  /  Kind regards

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