[l2h] character encoding not correctly detected by brwosers

Joao Miguel Ferreira jmf at estg.ipvc.pt
Tue Feb 7 14:21:51 CET 2006

Hello all at l2h,

My web page is built with latex2html.

But there is a problem. The browser's do not detect correctly the
'character encoding'. I checked with all major browsers (ie, mozilla,
firefox, epifany...)

If you point your browsers at:

you'll see my page.

On my browsers some characters appear incorrectly, because the browser
chooses to use utf8 !!!. But if I manually change the encoding to
iso-8859-1 all displays correctly.

I checkd the HTML code generated by latex2html and I found this:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;

I'm even more surprised !!! Shouldn't the browsers read this line and
correctlly display the right encoding..

Thanks for your help


PS: my command line arguments:

latex2html -no_subdir -local_icons -split 4 mysite.tex

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