[l2h] Seeking advice and/or tips on setup/config on an XP system

Brian Lunergan ff809 at ncf.ca
Sun Dec 10 19:49:04 CET 2006

James Lynch wrote:
> I've installed Latex2html way too may times on a machine with XP so I've seen
> a bunch of errors like this.  My guess is your problem has to do with:
> "> checking for pnmflip... no
>> checking for ppmquant... no"
> If you do latex2html -debug you might see that the chain of commands falls
> apart when one of those two executables is called.  When they are called,
> they aren't there, of course, so pstoimg spits back an error ("file not
> found" basically) which essentially translates to an image file not being
> created.  Without the -debug option, though, it looks like the folder hasn't
> been created.  My memory is that the folder does indeed get created and it
> gets deleted (which should happen-it's just a temp directory) but the png
> file never was made so it chokes there.
> Anyway, if that's what's happening to you, I believe the latest solution is
> that netpbm's current version has made both of those files (pnmflip and
> ppmquant) obsolete.  If you check your netpbm directory, I'm pretty sure you
> will find that pnmflip and ppmquant are only there in source code form.  That
> is, unlike most of the files in that directory, they aren't executables.
> Again, if that's the case you have two choices:  1) Go find a very old
> version of netpbm that still includes the old executables or 2) figure out
> what the replacements are.  I can no longer recall what program replaced
> either of them, but I do remember that after running config.bat I had to go
> find the variable that stored the location of ppmquant and pnmflip and
> changed them myself to the newer files.  I think it's in cfgcache.pm but I'm
> not sure.  Whichever file it's in, the variables are named PPMQUANT and
> PNMFLIP or close, so they are easy to find.
> Oh and I think the documentation of netpbm (searched on google) tells you
> what the replacements are.
> Hope that helps,
> James

Thanks for the info, James. I'll check into the netpbm docs and see what turns 
up. At least there's a configuration 'work around' until the coders catch up.

Brian Lunergan
Nepean, Ontario

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