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Christopher Willmot chris at willmot.org.uk
Wed Aug 2 13:25:19 CEST 2006


Not sure what you're trying to do, but I maintain both my websites
(basically academic) from Linux.  Although I usually use vim for
Perl etc., I find the KDE Desktop program Kile to be an excellent
LaTeX editor. It has built-in support for producing HTML and PDF
(as well as DVI/PS) and extensive scope for personalised LaTeX
commands etc.

On Tue, 01 Aug 2006 15:55:34 +0100, Gerree Pecht
<gerree at Math.Princeton.EDU> wrote:

> Is there an straightforward command needed to convert LaTeX2e
> manuscript/books, etc. into HTML?

The best source of info is the Documentation at

The basic command is
$ latex2html source.tex

> Is the command robust?

I've been using this system for three years and have had no
problems with latex2html itself.  It is a complex program handling
many eventualities and most of the issues that arise are to do with
the utilities it calls like dvips.  It is still in active
development and Ross Moore (this list) is very helpful.

> What exactly do I need to do to convert LaTeX2e files into

You get basic results 'out of the box' with the command above.
However, I prefer to use a Perl script which sets up a command like
$ latex2html -split 0 -nonavigation -noinfo -nosubdir
-show_section_numbers <source>.tex

> What's the command needed to link the HTML file to
> a particular web page?

I suspect you want \htmladdnormallink, used near the top of the source for

"This document is also available as a \htmladdnormallink{PDF

> ..... on another topic
> easy tutorial on how to typeset pictures without having to
> key in mega amount of "code" ... any package out there that can be used
> with a "viewer" attached so that we can view at the same time the
> picture is being drawn?  How does this work on a Linux system using vim
> editor.

I find it best to use an image editor like GIMP (pixel editing)
or Inkscape (vector graphics) and export the results in PNG format.
This provides the best resolution-vs-size tradeoff for images that
will only be printed from HTML or PDF.  It can then be used as:

%in preamble...

%in document...
\caption{My caption}

See http://osiris.sunderland.ac.uk/~cs0cwi/reports/kauffman.html
for an example involving an image.

Christopher Willmot

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