[l2h] Updated Info re LaTeX2HTML

Gerree Pecht gerree at Math.Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 1 16:55:34 CEST 2006


A long time ago, I inquired about converting LaTeX2HTML for linking onto 
web sites.

Is there an straightforward command needed to convert LaTeX2e 
manuscript/books, etc. into HTML? 

Is the command robust?

What exactly do I need to do to convert LaTeX2e files into

What's the command needed to link the HTML file to
a particular web page?

..... on another topic

easy tutorial on how to typeset pictures without having to
key in mega amount of "code" ... any package out there that can be used 
with a "viewer" attached so that we can view at the same time the 
picture is being drawn?  How does this work on a Linux system using vim 

Any help or suggested resource is greatly appreciated.

Gerree P. Pecht :-)

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