[l2h] Adjust MATH_SCALE_FACTOR locally?

Philipp K. Janert, Ph.D. janert at ieee.org
Sat Apr 29 20:30:07 CEST 2006

I would like to set certain sections of my document
in a smaller font ( {\small ...} in LaTeX).

When I run latex2html, I find that the inline images
that are generated for $...$ math environments in 
these small-font sections turn out to be too big. 

Is there a preferred way to deal with this kind of

I thought about changing $MATH_SCALE_FACTOR 
locally (ie only for the small-font sections), but the way 
I understand the latex2html code, it seems that all 
images are generated at once, so that that local 
changes would not actually have an effect.

Any ideas?



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