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Thu Apr 6 15:02:55 CEST 2006

>>> On 4/5/06, Ross Moore <ross at ics.mq.edu.au> wrote:
>>>> Can you post an example of the LaTeX source for this.
>>>> I don't know how LYX handles hyperlinks, so there is probably
>>>> just a simple definition required so that LaTeX2HTML will
>>>> know what is intended.
>>> Yes. I can. :)
>>> Here is one example using hyperlinks in *.lyx.
>>> \begin_layout Standard
>>> \begin_inset LatexCommand \htmlurl[Gentoo ]{http://www.gentoo.org/}
>>> \end_inset
>>> The same text but in *.tex :
>>> \begin{document}
>>> Gentoo  \url{http://www.gentoo.org/}
>>> \end{document}
>>If you add   \usepackage{html}  to  *.tex
>>then \url should be interpreted correctly.

The problem with the LyX html-insert command is that it has only one real argument in LaTeX
(the URL): the "Name field" is just interpreted as text.

You might rather use 
in the preamble and
in ERT
(\htmladdnormallinkfoot will produce a footnote in the typographic document
and a an anchor in html).

See attached example (LyX version 1.3.7).



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