[l2h] subequations

Thomas Bewley bewley at ucsd.edu
Mon Oct 24 03:53:40 CEST 2005

Hi all -
I am still being challenged by the amsmath subequations macro, or any  
macro I try to cook up to replace it.  The following test code  
behaves as intended in latex,
but has problems producing something similar in latex2html - at  
least, on my machine,
which produces this:   http://flowcontrol.ucsd.edu/book/test/
Anyone have any ideas or workarounds?  I'm really in sore need some  
help on this one
if anyone has the time to look into it.
Thanks in anticipation,
- Tom

PS - The test code is here:

This is the first equation:
\begin{equation} Cz=d. \end{equation}
This is the second equation:
\begin{equation} By=c. \end{equation}
Now here are two subequations: the first:
\begin{equation} Ax^1=b^1 \end{equation}
with some explanation in between concerning $x^1$ and $b^1$, then the  
\begin{equation} Ax^2=b^2. \end{equation}

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