[l2h] Fails to number figures: bogus "arguments too complex" erro r.

Thomas Bewley bewley at ucsd.edu
Wed Oct 19 16:56:50 CEST 2005

Regarding figure captions & disappearing figure numbers:

The first trick is to \protect every command that might get  
translated to something different
before latex writes the aux file.

The second trick is to not use any of your own definitions, but to  
write out explicitly what
you want done, in a protected fashion, (e.g., \protext\textrm{rms})  
in the caption definition.

A combination of these two tricks usually resolves the problem for me.

The diagnostic to see where any possible problem is is to check the  
aux file entry and make sure it comes out clean.  It is not a matter  
of sloppiness, it is a
mater of an extra stage of interpretation in the process when using  
latex2html that requires
the aux file to be cleaner than latex would normally make it.  There  
are various discussions of
this point back in the archives of this forum.

- Tom

On Oct 19, 2005, at 4:10, John Blackburn wrote:

> Thanks for that, but \times is not causing the problem, it's ok to  
> leave it unprotected. The only problem is my \rms and \peak  
> commands. If I remove them all is well. I have not come across  
> problems with built in latex commands needing protection.
> In fact the problem may not be protection at all by sizing commands  
> such as \footnotesize appearing in captions. See my previous message.
> And latex itself has no problems either with $\times$ or \rms  
> appearing in captions, so, is latex being forgiving of my sloppy code?
> John.
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>> John -
>> Try changing \times to \protect\times in your caption.  Each and
>> every fragile symbol in the captions, (there
>> are typically a lot of them in math mode), needs to to have this
>> \protect prefix.  See the latex book for what
>> fragile means, and see the associated .aux file that latex
>> generates,
>> and latex2html must refer to,
>> to see the mess that latex puts into the aux file if you fail
>> to have
>> this \protect prefix there...
>> cheers,
>> - Tom
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