[l2h] correction concerning cropping problems

Tribulations Parallèles paratribulations at free.fr
Tue Nov 1 10:05:39 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

I have found this page:


... and I have realized why there is blank space at the bottom of equation 
images. So my solution with multiple call to pnmcrop is not really 
interesting. I propose something slightly different (but dirty too):

$cmd .= "| $PNMCROP $croparg";

to replace by:

$cmd .= "| /usr/bin/convert -gravity south -chop 0x2 - - | $PNMCROP $croparg 

in pstoimg. It works well in Konqueror. In Firefox 1.5 beta 2, the html bug 
concerning align=middle has been corrected, so it works also very well.

My question concerning the quality of equation images stands by ;-)



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