[l2h] multline environment & equation numbering

Jose Alfredo Cañizo Rincón ozarfreo at ugr.es
Thu Jan 20 20:20:30 CET 2005

When I translate documents that contain numbered multline environments using 
latex2html, these environments seem to be ignored in generated html links, so 
that references to them do not point to the right equation. I have been 
searching for some time on the internet and have found no help on this. I 
have seen in the file amsmath.perl that comes with latex2html that support 
for this environment seems not to be completed so far.

Is there any simple way to make the numbering come out right? Am I missing 
something? Is this just something to do on future versions of latex2html?

The following is a simple example of a document where the reference won't work 
in my system when translated:




Here goes a multline environment:
  x + 99999999999999999 x =\\
  100000000000000000 x
And here an equation:
  a = \pi
Referring to the first one, one gets this: (\ref{eq:1}).



José A. Cañizo

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