[l2h] headings in reports

Martin Matusiak alex at juventuz.net
Sat Jan 8 14:01:48 CET 2005

Hi, I'm using the koma-script report style, I've created one main file with 
chapters and then I include the actual chapter content from separate files. 
Note this is written in lyx but the exported latex looks like this:


file.tex contains

\subsection{Why you're here}

The thing is that when I run file.tex through latex2html, \section is 
translated to <h1>. And that's not a problem because in that case section is 
the top most heading. But when I export the full report containing all the 
included files, \chapter is translated to <h1> but so is \section, even 
though section is a lower level heading. I'd like \section to become <h2> 
instead, \subsection to become <h3> etc, is there some way to do that?

switches used:
latex2html -split 0 -no_navigation -info 0 -no_subdir \
                 -html_version 4.0 -address 0 *.tex


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