[l2h] Problems with Windows installation

Ryan Krauss gtg708j at mail.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 21 17:53:21 CET 2005


I don't know if you got latex2html working yet or not, but I was having 
a very similar problem and found two things that got me going.

First, use the -debug flag when running test.bat (or anything else that 
isn't working).
i.e. test.bat -debug

This gave me the needed additional information as to why the image 
conversion wasn't working:  RGBDEF needs to be defined.  I don't know 
the best way to do this, but I searched for rgb.txt in the latex2html 
directory and then created an environment variable called RGBDEF will 
the full path to rgb.txt.  This solved my remaining problems.

Hope this helps.


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