[l2h] l2h not working properly after reinstall

Steven R. Hall srhall at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 24 14:39:47 CET 2004

For a couple of reasons, I had to reinstall l2h and tex on my Mac. I 
used Fink to install both. The latex2html is version 2002-4 (1.62), 
netpbm version 10.12-3. The problem is that the cropping behavior of 
equation images has changed, even after fixing the black border bug. In 
particular, I sometimes use the latex "split" environment to force an 
equation to be formed as a single image, which has worked great in the 
past. Now, there is additional white space on the left of the image, so 
that the equation does not appear centered on the page. Any ideas?

Here are links to two test cases. The first,


shows the incorrect behavior. Note in particular equation (6).

The second test case,


shows the correct behavior. Again, look at equation (6).

Thanks in advance,

Steve Hall

Steven R. Hall
Professor, MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Room 33-313
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