[l2h] newbie, problem with \url + lyx

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Tue Mar 23 12:31:08 CET 2004

Hello again Frank,

On 23/03/2004, at 9:23 PM, Frank Altpeter wrote:

> Hello!
> Ross Moore wrote on 2004-03-23 08:31:29 +1100:
>> Have you loaded  html.sty  ?
> Nope. Since LyX also doesn't.
>> This is vital for proper use of hyperlinks with LaTeX2HTML,
>> since it
>>   a.  causes certain markup to be recognised in the LaTeX source
>>   b.  loads the translation modules for hyperlinking constructions
>> and features to be used with the document translation.
>> This includes defining  \url  and  \htmlurl  to do the
>> right thing, so that it is not necessary to load other packages.
>> *All* documents that make significant use of hyperlinking
>> should  \usepackage{html}  when being translated into HTML
>> using  LaTeX2HTML.
>> That is a general rule for which there are no real exceptions,
>> in normal LaTeX usage.
> Well, and there's my question... i managed to manually change the
> resulting .tex file and get a working result after latex2html, but i
> don't want to do that manually everytime, so my question was more

Is it really that hard to add a few lines to your LaTeX jobs ?
You could write a short script that does it for you.

> LyX related... why doesn't lyx do what you suggest?

LyX and LaTeX2HTML were developed independently,
perhaps with different aims in mind.
Since LaTeX2HTML has been around longer, your question
is best addressed to the LyX development team.

> LyX does add the already mentioned \usepackage{url} and after
> converting it with LaTeX there's the already mentioned
> IfFileExists{} routine in it.
> So i assume there's a mistake either in LyX or in latex.

Not at all.

The  url.sty  package is a graft of the URL concept into
TeX --- which was devised long before the internet was
even conceived.

On the other hand, the URL idea was well-known when
LaTeX2HTML was developed, so is fully incorporated into
its design (and perhaps similarly for LyX).
However, since many LaTeX documents were already
in existence (and continue to be written) without reference
to hyperlinking, then it is quite understandable that
a package needs to be loaded to allow hyperlinking markup
to be properly interpreted.

For LaTeX2HTML this is html.sty  --- which does all that
is done by  url.sty  plus a lot more.
LyX chooses to just use  url.sty .
(It could choose to use either  html.sty  or  hyperref.sty
as more sophisticated alternatives; each of these loads
  url.sty  as part of the extra features that are offered.)

If you use LyX to write your LaTeX documents, there is
no a priori reason why it should know that you intend
to also process your documents with LaTeX2HTML.
That is your choice, and you should be prepared to
adjust your manuscripts appropriately, or ...

>> Is there in fact a problem in the HTML that is generated ?
>> If not, then just ignore these "warning" messages.
> If i builld it manually, the resulting HTML works, well. When trying
> to get the same results with using the LyX internal export feature,
> it doesn't.

  ... ask the LyX team to implement better compatibility
for subsequent processing with LaTeX2HTML.

>> \documentclass......
>> \usepackage{html}
>> %begin{latexonly}
>> \IfFileExists{url.sty}{\usepackage{url}}
>>                       {\newcommand{\url}{\texttt}}
>> %end{latexonly}
>> Those special comments do not change the result when processing
>> with any TeX-based software, such as LaTeX or pdflatex or lyx,
>> but tell the Perl-based LaTeX2HTML to ignore the coding in-between.
> How do i add them to work in the automated LyX processing?

If you are using the LyX interface to compose your LaTeX
manuscripts, then that is a question for the LyX team to answer.

> With kind regards,

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> 	Frank Altpeter
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Ross Moore                                         ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Mathematics Department                             office: E7A-419
Macquarie University                               tel: +61 +2 9850 8955
Sydney, Australia                                  fax: +61 +2 9850 8114

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