[l2h] Inline math cropping

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
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shige 02/26 2004

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I wrote:

| > So this seems also an issue for the browser point of view:
| >  - with Netscape 4.8, the alignment is correct, but the grey background
| > of the png is visible (I would like to stick to png);
| It is well-known problem. Netscape 4.X can display PNG image, but
| can not deal with transparency of PNG correctly.

There is a workaround not to use transparency. For example, put the
following 2 lines to your ~/.latex2html-init:

 $BODYTEXT = "bgcolor=\#fff0f0";
 $LATEX_COLOR = "\\pagecolor[rgb]{1,0.941,0.941}";

where 0.941=f0h/ffh = 240/255, and run latex2html with the switch

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