[l2h] Inline math cropping

Jean-Pierre.Chretien Jean-Pierre.Chretien at cert.fr
Wed Feb 25 10:59:52 CET 2004

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>>From: Ross Moore <ross at maths.mq.edu.au>
>>Subject: Re: [l2h] Inline math cropping
>>Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 20:40:10 +1100
>>To: "Jean-Pierre.Chretien" <Jean-Pierre.Chretien at cert.fr>
>>Hello Jean-Pierre,
>>On 25/02/2004, at 7:33 PM, Jean-Pierre.Chretien wrote:
[snip: comments on Shigeharu TAKENO answer to my original post.
>>No. Some time ago the Mozilla developers mistakenly thought that
>>it would be good to copy the buggy way that M$ IE aligns images inline.
>>That method makes it impossible to reliably align using "middle"
>>when the text is allowed to flow with changing window-size.
>>It has taking some convincing to get them to acknowledge the error.
>>Hopefully a newer version will have both correct alignment,
>>and full support for PNG images.

Is it for Firebird/Firefox, or will it be inserted in the main
Mozilla branch  ?


>>The current mechanism is as good as can be done; assuming:
>>   a.  the browser aligns correctly
>>   b.  you don't want to go to the trouble of specifically
>>locating every paragraph, line and image on the HTML page,
>>and specifying all the font sizes and line-heights.

I'm personnaly convinced  that the writer of html pages 
should leave the maximum freedom to the distant browser,
and to restrict HTML coding to the necessary and sufficient level
to transmit the message. I feel often alone in this line... :-(

>>> Regards, and thanks again for investigating the code.
>>I'm glad you found it readable and/or understandable.
Ahum, I did nothing by myself - thank Shigeharu TAKENO.
But I can hack Perl, I use it for CGI scripting.

>>It's good to have people out there who can hack at the
>>coding. But please don't distribute this particular hack,
>>because it will actually create some more problems that
>>are very hard to solve.

Sure, but I can test it with Mozilla on more complicated examples,
to see if its advantages balance its drawbacks.


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