[l2h] install question

Steven F. Killen skille1 at umbc.edu
Tue Feb 24 21:19:05 CET 2004


I like the new automake-style build system you have, but I seem to be
encountering problems with it that seem more general than just my site.

I'm trying to tell latex2html to think it's running out of /usr/local, but
install to a specific directory of my choosing.  ./configure
--prefix=/usr/local and make work well enough, but:

make install prefix=<mydir> doesn't work, which makes sense because it's
just running a Perl script.

rerunning ./configure --prefix=<mydir> and then make install puts the
incorrect paths into latex2html et al.

going through and setting the correct paths in cfgcache.pm is a right
pain, and it appears that doing this would achieve the net result as seen
in the idea above.

Is there something I'm missing, or does this sound like a problem that
needs addressing?

Steve Killen <skille1 at umbc.edu>

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