[l2h] conditional text \begin{latexonly} command counter intuitive?

Jorgen Johansson johansson_jorgen at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 18:31:34 CET 2004


In the l2h manual there is an example of using
conditional text. 

\newcommand{\A}{The letter A.}
\newcommand{\B}{The letter B.}

\renewcommand{\A}{Not the letter A.}
\renewcommand{\B}{Not the letter B.}

\A \B

If you process this with LATEX , the result is:       
 The letter A. Not the letter B.

-------------------end snip------------------------

I don't understand why 
"\renewcommand{\A}{Not the letter A.}"
does not get processed by latex. I expected the result
to be: 
"Not The letter A. Not the letter B."
and NOT 
"The letter A. Not the letter B."

What am I missing or is the \begin{latexonly} command
somehow counter intuitive?


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