[l2h] Can no longer have newlines in \author address

Julius Smith jos at w3k.org
Thu Sep 25 01:38:40 CEST 2003

In latex2html-2002-2-1, one can no longer have '\\' in the author's 
address.  I am pretty sure this worked fine in latex2html-2002-1.  A 
workaround I have found is to keep the entire address on one line (as far 
as l2h is concerned):

My Name\\
My Address, Line 1
My Address, Line 2

Without doing this, the third line gets flushed left and typeset 
differently, and any later lines are suppressed.

The relevant changes appear to be in sub do_cmd_author() in latex2html, 
where new support for multiple authors separated by \and has been added.

Note that LaTeX explicitly supports '\\' anywhere in the \author command 
(Lamport, p. 169).


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