[l2h] re: l2h on windows, newbie

beau beau at oblios-cap.com
Wed Sep 24 20:59:28 CEST 2003

Oops.  Just found the l2h list; sorry to bark up the wrong tree...

>To: fptex at tug.org
>Subject: l2h on windows, newbie
>Hi all.  I'm trying to get l2h working and am in a bit over my head.  I 
>got the manual to load in dvi (it failed in ghostscript and pdf using the 
>WinShell buttons for same) and from there got as far as running the 
>program on the desired file.  Here's the error I get before it quits:
>Resetting image-cacheConnot read C:\Program 
>Looking in the bin directory I see there is no such file.
>All help appreciated, and my feelings won't be hurt by an "rtfm" if somene 
>can point me to the right part of the right manual.
>Happy tex-ing!

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