[l2h] Again trouble with images

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun May 25 10:29:49 CEST 2003

On Sat, 24 May 2003, Christoph Tornau wrote:

> Dear Ross Moore,
> first of all: thank you for your help.
> I ran the images.tex file with Latex. There are no errors. I had a look in

There are several modes in which to run a TeX job.

Normally you use the interactive  \errorstopmode  which stops at every
error, so that you can decide what to do about it.
This is not appropriate for a scripted job like with LaTeX2HTML,
else you would not be able to get much in the way of sensible output
when there are some errors.

Instead it uses \nonstopmode .
This requires you to check the .log file to find out what is not
correct with the job.

> the images.log file. It's very huge. The program is writing about a lot of
> errors which had been fixed automatically. But latex isn't talking about
> this errors on the screen, so I thought it's okay.

Nope. You get no such feeddback with  \nonstopmode .
This is similar to typing 'q' (for quiet) after an error in an interactive
job. Then all subsequent messages are suppressed, being sent only to the
 .log  file.

> There's no TeX-isms in the original file. There are even no definitions
> (newcommand) in the head of the file.

Then it shouldn't be too hard to determine the first error in images.tex
and determine what aspect of your coding is creating the difficulties.

All the best,

	Ross Moore

> Thank you for your help
> Christoph

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