[l2h] apacite

Tim Gard t.gard at student.unimaas.nl
Tue May 13 13:03:48 CEST 2003

Hi everybody,

I am using the apacite style and bibstyle files to generate citations
and reference lists.

If I run latex2html on a latex document with apacite, I get the
following warning: No implementation found for style `apacite'

Unknown commands: BCBT BBA BCAY Bem BBOP BBOQ citeyearNP BOthers citeA
citeyear BCBL citeauthor BBCP BCnt BBCQ

The unknown commands are specified in the file apacite.sty. 

Does anybody know why latex2html doesn't read the file apacite.sty?
Any suggestions to solve the problem are welcome.



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