[l2h] Re: rcs.sty and rcs.perl

Hans Dulimarta dulimarh at gvsu.edu
Thu Mar 6 17:50:31 CET 2003

Thank you for the update.

On Thursday 06 March 2003 04:29 am, Volker Simonis wrote:
> Hello Ross, hello Hans,
> in the archives I found a massage from Sat, 5 Aug 2000 concerning
> 'rcs.perl'. It was mentioned there that 'rcs.perl' should be available
> '..in the latest developer archives available from Bayreuth'. Indeed I
> found it there on the server. However as far as I could see, it didn't made
> it's way into an official distribution until now.
> The file which I downloaded failed with a syntax error, so I corrected the
> error. Moreover I fixed a bug which made the RCS macros eat trailing text
> inside an environment and changed the format of date to conform to the one
> of the '\today' macro.
> Attached you can find my patched version of 'rcs.perl'. I think it would be
> worthwhile putting it into the official distribution.
> Volker

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