[l2h] Image generation problems

Plymale, Jesse William jesseplymale at tamu.edu
Fri Mar 21 02:27:06 CET 2003

I am having two problems with image generation.

1. Math images aren't getting created properly. Instead, in their place I get 
a little .gif image of a box with the word "image" in it. I have tried 
several different command-line options to fix this, including -no_maths and 
running -images_only after a preliminary run of the program. I tried changing 
my TMP directory and did -images_only with -debug. Postscript files of the 
correct images were created successfully in the TMP directory, but they were 
never turned into .gifs apparently, because I still get the "image" box in 
place of the right image.

2. I also have an imbedded eps image. The above problem doesn't seem to apply 
to it, but it doesn't show up correctly in my web page because it incorrectly 
tries to reference the image at the 
URL "...latex_overview//firstdocument.jpg" instead of the 
URL "...latex_overview/firstdocument.jpg".

I appreciate any help with this yall can offer... Thanks!

Jesse Plymale
jesseplymale at tamu.edu

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