[l2h] Fast help needed

Marcel Schmittfull marcel-sl at gmx.de
Sun Mar 9 01:33:43 CET 2003

Hi all !

For a presentation I need a HTML version of my LaTeX
file because the whole presentation will be based on a
website. Though I've tried to install LaTeX2HTML for
*several* hours it doesn't work fine :-(

Could you please help me by running LaTeX2HTML on your
site? After the presentation I'm going to try to install
LaTeX2HTML again, but now I don't have any more time.

I can send you my LaTeX file per mail. Or you can
download it from
If possible, please create the images in gif (or
jpeg, png, I don't care). And please add the
next/prev/... buttons into the whole document.

The HTML version of the file is really very important
for me !

Thank you in advance !!
mailto:marcel-sl at gmx.de

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