[l2h] pstoimg unhappy with tmp directory

M.W. Lake mark.lake@ucl.ac.uk
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 19:46:14 +0000


Having successfully used latex2html for several years I recently
upgraded my system and now have a problem incorporating .eps files. I
can't find a solution in the archives, although I have seen
similar(ish) postings.

My latex file has the line
/includegraphics[]{../figures/hnd9_fig1.eps} and I have created a
symbolic link to this file in the directory created by latex2html.
This used to work fine (even without the link), but now pstoimg claims
it cannot use the temporary l2h* directory.  Use of the -debug switch
shows that this directory is (sometimes-see below) created and is
read-write for the userid initiating latex2html.  Furthermore, I can
successfully run pstoimg manually with the switches that latex2html
specifies (having first copied the relevant .eps file into the
temporary directory as _image001.ps).  My impression is that
latex2html is failing to create the intermediate file _image001.ps
and/or the temporary image subdirectory, but not being a PERL
programmer I don't know whether this is possible or where to start

I'm baffled and would appreciate some help.  Find further information

Many thanks,



On my Debian 3.0 Linux system 
latex2html -debug -tmp tmp -split +2 -local_icons -info 0 handout9 
produces the following output (abridged):

This is LaTeX2HTML Version 2K.1beta (1.48)
Note: Images will be generated in tmp/l2h2810
usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/pstoimg -type png -debug -tmp tmp/l2h2810 -discard -interlace -antialias -depth 1 -scale 1.6 -crop a -transparent -out img1.png tmp/l2h2810/_image001.ps"
 at /usr/bin/latex2html line 4181 ...  Converting image #1 pstoimg
V2K.1beta (Revision 1.11, Perl 5.006001) 
pstoimg: Warning: Cannot use tmp/l2h2810 as temporary directory.  
pstoimg: Temporary directory is /tmp
pstoimg: Error: Cannot find file "tmp/l2h2810/_image001.ps": No
such file or directory

Error while converting image

Once latex2html has completed I find that tmp/l2h2810 exists
drwxr-xr-x, but is empty.  If I try using the system-wide temporary
directory /tmp (which is drwxrwxrwt) then the l2h* subdirectory does
not get created (same error messages though), let alone any contents.

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