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JoãoBorsoi Soares joao at intrasystems.com.br
Tue Feb 4 03:07:01 CET 2003

Yes. Thank you very much for the answer. As I wrote before, we are
planning to use latex2html for our corporation documents. And I'm
building something to control user access, using a rewrite rule at
apache conf as you've mentioned before. The problem is that we use a
framework built in php to develop our sites. This framework expect
template archives with extensions ".tpt". Actually I'm trying to see all
possibilities to see which one is better. I prefer not to change the
latex2html. If I decide to change it, I will not distribute as
latex2html distribution.

Thanks again,

Em Ter, 2003-02-04 às 01:58, Ross Moore escreveu:
> > Is there a simple way to change output HTMLs extensions?
> Yes.
> To get  .htm  (e.g. for multi-platform compatibility on CDROMs) 
> simply set  $SHORTEXTN = 1;   in the .latex2html-init  file,
> or use the   -short_extn  switch.
> To get  .shtml  then set  $ALLOW_SSI = 1;  in the init file.
> To get  .php    then set  $ALLOW_PHP = 1;  in the init file.
> For anything else, you will need to look at the latex2html script
> and find where it sets the value of  $EXTN  after checking
> for the above variables.
> You could add a line of code to the the extension to anything else
> that you like, but there is a risk that some hyperlinking may fail
> in complicated documents (e.g. with frames) where there may be
> an assumption that the extension will be either .htm or .html .
> So if you do such hacking, please do not distribute it to others
> as a latex2html distribution.
> Also, I'd like to know the motivation behind such a change.
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross Moore
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Joao.
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