[l2h] Cropping and trimming

Jiří Wallenfels j.wall at post.cz
Fri Dec 5 14:42:04 CET 2003

How can I manualy run croping a triming, which make from one .dvi
(made from images.tex) cropped and trimmed pictures in gif or png
format? L2h makes this automaticaly, but always fails (latex
produced no output...). I posted it few treads ago, no one knew
the answer why. But i think, i can solve my problem this way,
because images.tex is OK (i made images.dvi via latex) and it
needs only crop and trim to pictures with appropriate name. My
images.dvi have over 1500 pages (1500 pictures), so i need to run
this croping script, it is almost imposible to make by hand..

Jiri Wallenfels

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