[l2h] already generated image inclusion

Benoit des Ligneris benoit@des.ligneris.net
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 15:04:45 -0300


I'd like to use already generated images (png) in a converted latex2html
document for the OSCAR project (oscar.sf.net).
Original images are screenshots and are then converted to eps automatically.

I wonder how to use the original images (png) into the HTML document
rendered by latex2html. The default behavior is to convert images to png
with a given scale factor which produce a poor quality output
(png->eps->png !).

I tried to use the /graphicspath{} command of the graphicx package and
the --prefix command line argument of latex2html but the path of the
images is still absolute  :

instead of the wanted
SRC="3a_sbs-wizard-step1.png" or even better 

I'm sorry if this question is already explained in the doc/FAQ/Mailing
List archive. I did some searching bu was not able to solve my problem.

Thanks by advance for any pointer to a solution ;-))

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