[l2h] Width & Height of GIF images creating problems with IE

Bruce Miller bruce.miller@nist.gov
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:58:02 -0400

Alex W Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes wrote:
> \includegraphics[  width=0.75\columnwidth,
>   keepaspectratio]{zones.gif}
> the file zones.gif is in the same directory as the .tex file.

Hmm, worked for me. I rechecked after installing 2002-2 to make
sure, and it still works [*].

BTW: it wont actually recognize things like \columnwidth
I was already going out on a limb enough, interpretting points, etc,
  but what columnwidth would be appropriate for a user's browser?
  Would you want/expect width="75%" here ?  Is that worth a couple
  of special cases, Ross ?

At any rate, in your example, the current code would treat the `requested
size' as 0x0, so should default to the image's natural size.
It looks as if it didn't succeed in getting the size.
Running with --verbosity=2 should print out something like:
   Reuse somewhere/zones.gif scaled to www x hhh
and I guess in your case, www and hhh are probably ''

>>To have no width or height should mean that LaTeX2HTML was unable to find
>>the image and read the beginning of the file to determine these values.
>>This failure should have resulted in a message to the screen log.

Should have, but get_image_size doesn't actually bother although it 
would be
a handy enhancement :> As it stands, it'll return effectively 0x0.

Hmm, neither the original in l2h, nor the modified one in getimagesize.perl,
prints any messages if the file can't be opened.  In fact, it doesn't
complain if it can't interpret the file, either --- only if it doesn't
recognize the type.  We should do something here....
--- incidentally, that latter version could probably be swapped into the
main program safely to avoid having to patch in 2 places
although it would be a handy enhancement :>

>>Finding the images during processing would depend upon knowing exactly
>>where they are in the file-system, at the time when LaTeX2HTML runs.
>>The name ./<name>  suggests in the same directory as the HTML files,
>>but that location is usually created on-the-fly, so is not a normal place
>>to find pre-existing graphics.

Actually, that's the normal form that graphics-support would use when it
copies the file into the destination directory.

> The graphics in question are in the same directory as the source file.  
> latex2html must find the images because it succeeds in copying them into the 
> generated html directory (giving a correct path of "./zones.gif" inside the 
> generated html).

Must have `found' it, and apparently had permission to read it, but
apparently it didn't _understand_ it!