[l2h] Width & Height of GIF images creating problems with IE

Alex W Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes alex.list@cord.co.uk
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 01:11:50 +0100



> How have you specified the .gif image for inclusion within the HTML
> document? Using  \htmladdimg   or using  \includegraphics ?
> (The name  zones.gif  is not one that LaTeX2HTML would generate
> automatically.)

from the .tex file generated by lyx:-

\includegraphics[  width=0.75\columnwidth,

the file zones.gif is in the same directory as the .tex file.

> To have no width or height should mean that LaTeX2HTML was unable to find
> the image and read the beginning of the file to determine these values.
> This failure should have resulted in a message to the screen log.
> Finding the images during processing would depend upon knowing exactly
> where they are in the file-system, at the time when LaTeX2HTML runs.
> The name ./<name>  suggests in the same directory as the HTML files,
> but that location is usually created on-the-fly, so is not a normal place
> to find pre-existing graphics.

The graphics in question are in the same directory as the source file.  
latex2html must find the images because it succeeds in copying them into the 
generated html directory (giving a correct path of "./zones.gif" inside the 
generated html).

I cannot see any error messages or warnings about failing to find the images 
in the output of latex2html.

> To offer any further suggestions would be pointless until I can see
> your LaTeX code, 

is the snippet above enough, or would you like the full file?  If so, I shall 
make a shorter test file (the current file is pretty large) and send it to 
you.  Would you prefer this on list or off list?

> the command used to invoke LaTeX2HTML and and

latex2html -local_icons -html_version 4.0,math,table,frame -toc_depth 3 
-antialias -index_in_navigation -image_type png -notransparent -white -split 
4 -link 1 -show_section_numbers mve-func-specs.tex

> initialisation files that may be affecting how the translation is
> being done.  (The screen log would help too.)

I am not aware of using any dedicated initialisation files and I'm using stock 
latex2html "out of the box" with a fresh compile + install.

> > This displays perfectly fine on almost all browsers using the default
> > size of the image except for IE on windows, which appears to interpret
> > this as WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0" and therefore not display the image.

> A typically stupid thing to do.

and of course completely different from IE on Mac, Netscape on anything, 
mozilla on anything, konqueror on linux etc etc etc.  Urg.


> There may be some faulty coding in the newer graphics-handling routines
> of LaTeX2HTML, that work in some cases but not others;
> or your .gif images may be not *standard* in some way.

The gifs are all produced by gimp under linux and are cleanly identified by 
imagemagick so would assume that they are relatively standard.

> Leaving out these tags, when width and height are not available,
> is certainly the right thing to do.
> I'd like to determine why it has failed in your case.

OK, will sort out test package.

> > b) making a sed script that traverses the output and wipes instances of
> > 'WIDTH=""' and 'HEIGHT=""'.  This is my fallback option and I would
> > prefer to avoid it.
> You can program LaTeX2HTML to run such a script automatically,
> or do it in Perl, as part of the  &post_postprocess  subroutine.
> This would be much preferable to otherwise hacking at the latex2html
> script.

let's see if we can track down the source of the error first and then deal 
with the IE users afterwards...

> > many thanks for any help possible.
> Hope this helps,

most definately,



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