[l2h] Bug in first hyperlink of TOC

Michael Chapman mchapman@mchapman.com
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 16:12:57 +0000

On Wednesday 27 March 2002 13:34, you wrote:
> Hi,
> it seems to me that there is a bug in the table of contents (TOC) generated
> by LaTeX2HTML. I am using LaTeX2HTML version 2002 (1.62) on FreeBSD,
> downloaded from http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/current
> as latex2html-2002.tar.gz (20-Mar-2002).
> What I mean is that the generated hyperlink of the *first* TOC entry is
> missing the anchor part. The anchor is correct in all following TOC
> entries. Therefore clicking on the first hyperlink in the TOC brings you to
> the top of the document instead of to the start of the section.

For what its worth, I run Radhakrishnan's excellent pdfscreen.sty with 
pdflatex quite often.
It may be a bug  _I_  have introduced, but on each first run I get a first 
line in the file.toc which reads "\select@language {english}". If I open 
file.toc with an editor and delete the first line, the problem goes away 
however many times pdflatex is run again (on file.tex).

Apologies if this is totally off the topic ... but I wondered if there was a 

Michael Chapman.