[l2h] Diff problems with large html generation

Daniel Taupin taupin@lps.u-psud.fr
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 09:11:53 +0100

Dear all (and especially Ross Moore :-)) :
   I usually use latex2html (on Linux) to generate a big set of files 
(with frames), namely more than a thousand of screens/files.
   When I want to update my Web site, I have therefore to transfer more 
than a thousand files, which a serious risk of interrupted transfer 
(transferring 1000 files of approx. 1 kbyte it much longer than 
transferring 1 file of 1 Mbyte).

  Therefore, I tried to keep an archive of the previous transfer and 
compare the new generated files with the old ones (using diff command) 
in order to transfer ONLY the modified files.

  My bask script work fine but too many files are still stated as 
different, only because references to images have an html coding of the 

   <A NAME="tex2htmlnnnn" HREF=...>

where nnnn is a number (a markup) generated by latex2html, and where 
"tex2htmlnnnn" is NOT referred anywhere else. Then, if something has 
changed somewhere in the wgole source file, the number nnnn is 
different, resulting in a lot of files geind declared as different, 
while this is not significant.

  --> Is there a means of, either eliminating NAME="tex2htmlnnnn" in
the image generation, or forcing that name to be dependent of the image 
name referred, so that it be independent of changes is other parts of 
the sourge LaTeX file?

  Thanks in advance.

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