[l2h] Small typo (?) in styles/italian.perl

Francesco Malvezzi malvezzi.francesco@unimo.it
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:36:03 +0200

In my opinion, in file $LATEX2HTML/styles/italian.perl (from LaTeX2HTML 
Version 2002 (1.67)), line

if (defined &addto_languages) { &addto_languages('irish') };

should read:

if (defined &addto_languages) { &addto_languages('italian') };

This way it doesn't complain about language it cannot find.

But even so, I'm not able to localize to italian latex2html, despite of 
the very clear instruction.
 From output it looks it does load italian language set, but still 
titles are in english.
Here follows my output. Do you need also my .latex2html.config?

Thank you for the help!


Note: Loading /home/francesco/.latex2html-init


Note: Initialising with file: /home/francesco/.latex2html-init
This is LaTeX2HTML Version 2002 (1.67)
by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.

Revised and extended by:
  Marcus Hennecke, Ross Moore, Herb Swan and others
...producing markup for HTML version 3.2

Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/versions/html3_2.pl

  *** processing declarations ***

Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/versions/latin1.pl
OPENING /home/francesco/doc/prog2002/tex/francese1.tex

Note: Working directory is /home/francesco/doc/prog2002/tex/francese1
Note: Images will be generated in /tmp/l2h16959

texexpand V2002 (Revision 1.11)

Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/styles/texdefs.perl...
Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/styles/article.perl
Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/styles/babel.perl
Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/versions/lang.pl [italian]
Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/styles/italian.perl
Loading /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/styles/inputenc.perl
Reading ...