[l2h] WebBased l2h and some strange problems

Tue, 04 Jun 2002 10:14:40 EDT

The following is output of a new web-based application which uses L2H.
In this case, the latex file is created dynamically (by naturalmath),
and passedto L2H,
which does a fine job when there are no equations, but which fails
Specifically, the -no_subdir option seems to be goofing up the
addressing in writing the intermediate files.
The addressing shown (below) is relative to cgi-bin, and the idea is to
create the latex file in public_html/Wiki where public_html lies just
below cgi-bin, which is running the controlling perl program.
Does anyone understand why the -no_subdir command is goofing up?
If I leave out the -no_subdir I get that L2H can't find the images.tex
file (output available if desired).
Can someone please help with the rather wierd problem????
Carl David
--------------output follows:
Reusing directory .: *** calling `texexpand' *** *** `texexpand' done
*** *** da/usr/local/latex2html98p1/styles/texdefs.perl... Loading
/usr/local/latex2html98...TMP/afile2002-06-03-08-32-16-33698 %%++ @@@@@@
*** End-of-partition *** appenpart001 total length: 816 characters
Translating ... 0/1:top of
afile2002-06-03-afile2002-06-03-08-32-16-33698.html *** translating
preamble *** ... *** preambl;..,{displaymath 10}.,{displaymath 11}.;.
1/1:sectionstar:."About this document Writing image file ... *** making
images *** latex ./../Wiki/images.tex latex ./or directory Cannot find
logfile ./../Wiki/images.log at /usr/local/bin/latex2htret4 (from
latex2html 512 )L2H temp directory = afile2002-06-03-08-32-16-33698